Roto Services

Are you looking for the best RotoScoping Services in India, Delhi NCR? Do you want to get high quality rotoscoping animations services at low budget? If your response is positive then you need to contact Triangle Berry Team who has capability to make the average video great. We are the leader in Rotoscoping and VFX Outsourcing company in India who always aims to fulfill the expectations of the clients. Our experts artist gives proper time on every project in order to meet the requirements and delivers the best rotoscoping animation service at an affordable price.

What is RotoScoping Animation?

Rotoscoping is a techniqque which is used by the professionals of animation to add motion and movement in the image footage frame by frame according to requirement. In earlier times before the invention of computers, a polish-American invented a equipment for projection which is known as Rotoscope. With the advancement of technology, Rotoscoping animation are done with the help of various advanced software. Basically, Rotoscoping services are used to add special effects in the videos and combining the cartoon characters with the help of compositing to the lively settings.

We at Triangle berry have a team of rotoscopy masters who can create astonishing videos to satisfy the clients. Our artist loves to deliver the premium quality results according to your needs. Now-a-days, Rotoscope and VFX services are in huge demand. The movie as well as television industry uses special effects with the help of Rotoscopy. Our experts are capable to composite elements from blue or green screen as well as the background which does not have such screens. Our service is available at low-budget with best animation effects.

Triangle Berry offers high quality RotoScoping animation services for clips, videos, TV series, commercials and many more. Our studio has several digital tools which helps the professional experts to create best quality animations and add effects. We offer topnotch outcomes whether you require hard or motion blur mattes, nuke or silhouette splines. Everything can be customized based on every bit of details from the clients.

Techniques Used for RotoScoping Animations by Triangle Berry

There are lots of techniques used by our experts to complete the Rotoscoping animations. Some of the common methods has been given below:-

Effects Painting: In order to add new elements in the scene, effects painting technique is used. Our skilled artists uses Paintbrush or airbrush to create faster effects. In fact, there are many scenes which makes use of paint effects over the frames to add visual effects. There are many software available for the auto paint that provides best visual effects.

Motion Tracking: Motion Tracking is mainly used to analyze the pixel or sub-pixel in the clip or movie. It is also used for stabilization and match moving. It helps to create coordination on each frame.

Stereo Roto: RotoScoping has has became advanced and seen vast growth. Generally, Stereo Roto is of two types i.e. Stereo Workflow and Stereo Conversion. In Stereo workflow, shooting of the material is done with the help of two cameras and then they are matched closely. If it does not matched then it will degrade the user experience.

Matte Creation: It is an extremely important part of the Rotoscoping animation. Matte is considered as the grayscale clip which is used to stencil portion of background footage. If matte is poor then it is unacceptable. Our artist always enure to provide best rotoscoping animation services to provide best experience with us.

So, what are you waiting for, contact Triangle Berry to get high quality rotoscoping and VFX services in Delhi NCR, India at low-budget now.